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Just finished this fun little flyer for my PRSA group that is having a social around valentine’s at an Irish pub, hence the candy hearts and wood.

I wish you could make candy hearts with your own sayings in real life, it was a lot of fun!


Week #2.

I came up with this recipe as another way to eat my “protein” and “greens” but in a way I enjoy, unlike the Tyson broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken that is loaded with unneeded calories and sodium.
Broccoli Stuffed Chicken
1 Chicken breast (I buy the frozen bags)
1/2 C Frozen broccoli
1 tbsp fat free mayo
1 tbsp fat free sour cream
1/6 C shredded 2% cheddar jack cheese

Dill weed
Garlic powder
Poultry seasoning
Tony Chachere’s creole seasoning
McCormicks original chicken seasoning
Grill mates chicken rub

1. Season the chicken breast with the rub, creole, chicken seasoning and poultry seasoning, small dash of each and let dethaw.
2. In a separate bowl, mix broccoli, mayo, sour cream, cheese, dill weed, paprika and garlic powder.
3. Once chicken is dethawed, butterfly it to create a pocket, stuff broccoli mix

4. Toothpick together the open edge, I filled mine a little full to get my complete vege portion. Place in pan with chicken juices

5. Bake at 350 for 30-40 min or until brown.

Eat plain or serve over rice or cous cous.

254 calories, 7.8 g fat, 270 g sodium, 53 g protein, 400 g potassium

Someone ask me the other day…”What is something special about you that not a lot of people know.”  I would definitely say that it is painting.

I’m definitely inspired by different things:  sunsets, music, Georgia O’Keeffe, emotions, love.  Whatever inspires me, I love that I’m able to share that with others.


My favorite colors of a sunset

This is one of my favorite paintings I’ve ever done, and I would never part with it.

One Love

I love all the different pinks I used here and the contrast.

Love Lift me Up

I did this for my mom for her birthday one year.  It’s all the things that remind me of her love.

Room for Squares

John Mayer…need I say more 🙂

Lady in Pink

My sister and I have always really been into fashion and this reminded me of a Vogue cover, I love that she loves it!

A sunset from one of our oil rigs in Hennessey, OK

A painting I did for one of the greatest old men I’ve known, Bill Cleary.  He was always so interested in my art, and I was proud to do a piece for him of something that was a huge part of his life, the oil field.

Let your love grow

A painting I did for my bestie and her husband for a wedding gift.  My inspiration was many touches from their wedding in Hawaii, the flowers, the doves, the colors as they are zooming through life.  I absolutely love seeing this in their house.


For the best Sublime song ever

This is another one of my favorite paintings ever, inspired by one of my favorite sublime songs.


Another painting I did for my mother of my favorite koi fish of hers, Michele, who I named to be the partner in crime to my cat, Romy.

Velvet Underground

I always loved these lyrics, “I find it hard to believe you don’t know the beauty you are, but if you don’t, let me be your eyes.”

Thanks for looking,


Recently, I co-chaired a banquet for our local PRSA-OKC Chapter.  Flashlie Design donated our services for all of the collateral material.

My vision was to tie in a few things:

  • 60th anniversary of PRSA being in Oklahoma
  • 35th anniversary of the banquet
  • The venue is a very classy romantic place
  • The color scheme of Tiffany blue and coral

I was very pleased with how everything turned out.  First I started with the logo:

I love using cursive fonts with clean narrow modern fonts.

Then the rest of the materials:

We had the Call for Entries, PowerPoint, Invitation, Program and Thank You Cards that went to all the sponsors.

I love bringing my vision to life and proud to be apart of such a great organization!

baby elephants


Who doesn’t love babies, especially baby girls!  After joking for months about planning an event….themed:  Ruffles and Whiskers.  Ruffles, because they are adorable, and whiskers for my love of lip rugs, my bestie gave me no creative control and came up with an elephant theme.  I was so happy to be able to help out with Jenny’s shower, a college friend who has always kept up through my love of blogging.

The invite

Pink and green were the colors, chevron print because its so hip, and a font that is easy to read, yet modern and clean.

The theme carried itself throughout the party:

Signs, banners, cake and party favors!

Thanks again Andrea for trusting me to carry out your vision and congrats to Jenny on the upcoming birth of Haven.




I was so honored to serve on the board for PRSA this year as the Awards Co-Chair.  I also had time to enter some awards and won one for this brochure I did for a new branch of our company that does IT consulting.


Our focus was a technology savvy, cutting edge design.  Since gaining 6 new clients, I would say the brochure was very effective.

Also proud of my friends for winning!  I hope we can take one of these pictures every year until we grow old.  #winning

I have been volunteering for Special Olympics for the past several years.  Each year I design a t-shirt for a professional group I’m in called OkACE.  Here is this years design.


I also make time to go watch my friend Brooke win all of her gold medals 🙂